Art Kruger Leadership Award

The Art Kruger Award is for the deserving individual who demonstrates leadership and continuous participation, support and contribution in the Federation over an extended period of time.
1993Carney, Edward C
1994Fleischman, Alexander M
1995Jordan, Jerald M
1996Berg, Thomas O
1998Zulauf, Cole
1999Caswell, Richard E
2001Sonnenstrahl, Samuel
2002Withrow, Jr., Thomas Earl
2004Derrick, William A
2005Scoggins, Bobbie Beth
2006Platt, Shirley Hortie
2007Platt, Dennis R
2009Fleischer, Lawrence Raymond
2011Gorrell, Howard L.
2013Lamberton, Jack C
2015Salit, Jeffrey
2016Apodaca, Mark
2021Matchett, Douglas Scott

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