The USA Deaf Sports Federation annually recognizes deserving individuals, corporations or organizations that support and advocate the mission of the Federation.

Art Kruger Leadership Award - The Art Kruger Leadership Award is awarded to the deserving individual who demonstrates leadership and continuous participation in the Federation over an extended period of time.

Athlete of the Year

Donalda K. Ammons Advocacy Award - The Donalda K. Ammons Advocacy Award recognizes deserving individuals or groups who make significant contributions toward the empowerment and advancement of Deaf girls and women in sports.

Dr. Glenn Anderson Diversity and Equity Fund - To provide financial support to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) athletes who participate in USADSF sports or BIPOC non-athletes for development and training purposes within USADSF.

Hall of Fame - The Hall of Fame award is to honor those who have displayed exceptional performance or service to the deaf in the world of sports as athletes and leaders.

Jerald M Jordan Award - The Jerald M. Jordan Award, which is, during a Deaflympic year, for the deserving American athlete who has accomplished outstanding Deaflympics achievement, and, during a non-Deaflympic year, for the deserving and outstanding individual who demonstrated leadership and continuous participation towards the goals of the DEAFLYMPICS.

President's Award - The President’s Award is for the deserving individual who demonstrates outstanding performances and services to the Federation.

USADSF Board Community Award - The USADSF Board Community Award is awarded to the deserving individual, corporation or organization that contributes significantly towards the enhancement of the goals of the United States of America Deaf Sports Federation.