Dr. Glenn Anderson Diversity and Equity Fund

Vision: Provide financial support to Black, Idengious, People of Color (BIPOC) athletes who participate in USADSF sports or BIPOC non-athletes for development and training purposes within USADSF.

Goal: To support BIPOC athletes financially as they train for and participate in international competition for the United States. BIPOC non-athletes can utilize the fund for development and training purposes.

Selection of the actual candidate selection committee members:

4-5 members:

1 Board member (Also on the Anti-Racism Commission)

  • The USADSF Board member on the committee will oversee the collaboration between this Fund and the Anti-Racism Commission

1 NSO representative
anyone from within the NSOs (As selected by the Anti-Racism Commission)

1-2 former USADSF BIPOC athletes/coaches
As nominated by the USADSF Board or Anti-Racism Commission

1 Representative from the Anti-Racism Commission

Committee members to vote on the candidates after the screening process
Nominations to be made on a rolling basis and screened by the committee members on a case by case basis until further notice
Committee members should serve a 2-year term. (To be reevaluated by the committee at a later time)
Dr. Anderson will take part as a special guest for public relations or fundraisers.
Dr. Anderson - will be invited to review the applicants and provide feedback and comments as needed.
USADSF Awards Committee to work with the Glenn Anderson Diversity and Equity Fund committee members to share Glenn's vision and ideas for the Fund procedures

Purpose: To provide funds for international competition in honor of Dr. Anderson's international experiences

Selection Criteria:
We do not want to restrict the criteria. Funds will be presented on a case by case basis. Priority will be given to athletes aspiring to participate in the Deaflympics.
BIPOC athletes funding for Deaflympics
BIPOC athletes funding for World Championships and Pan-Am Games
BIPOC athletes to attend youth athletic events (EX: World Deaf Youth Games)
BIPOC athletes and non-athletes in training to be Coaches/Referees/Team Leaders/Staff

Application Guidelines

Ways to apply:
Candidates apply for themselves
Coaches apply for their athletes
Team Leaders apply for training/developmental purposes for BIPOC athletes

Application Materials: See below for Application form

Dr. Glenn Anderson Diversity and Equity Fund Application Form
3-minute Vlog or 300 word essay outlining their need for the funds
At least two recommendation letters or vlogs
Dr. Glenn Anderson Diversity and Equity Fund Application Form
3-minute Vlog or 300 word essay outlining intentions for the fund including your vision on how you plan to give back to the community after your participation in training/development.
At least two recommendation letters or vlogs from colleagues/mentors

Fund distribution:
Pending on the Fund
Award funds will be disbursed case by case.
The amount and quantity of awards that will be given, will depend on how much is in the fund.
Award funds will be primarily distributed to Deaflympians during the years the Deaflympics are held upon confirmed attendance. During non-Deaflympic years, disbursement has more options.
Winter/Summer Deaflympics:
Deadline - 1 month after the final team roster for Team USA is announced by the USADSF Office for that specific event.
The candidates will work with the USADSF Treasurer to disburse funds for intended purposes as stated on the application form.
Non-athletes can apply for award funds on a rolling basis


To be advertised by USADSF on an ongoing basis
ASL vlogs/flyers
USADSF social media channels
Permanently visible on our website
Via NSOs
Via BIPOC Deaf organizations in the United States on an ongoing basis