The United States of America made its international debut at the Summer Deaflympics (formerly known as the International Silent Games) by sending two deaf athletes to compete in track and field. The USA won 4 medals.


At the first national deaf basketball tournament, the American Athletic Union of the Deaf (AAUD) was established to serve as a parent organization for deaf sports clubs, and to facilitate the participation of US athletes in international deaf competitions.


The Hall of Fame was founded to honor those who have displayed exceptional performance or service to the deaf in the world of sports as athletes, coaches, leaders, writers or officials.


Athletes of the Year are chosen based on athletic excellence and exemplary sportsmanship. The first athlete of the year was Helen Thomas, who excelled in trap shooting.


The title of AAUD was changed to the American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD).


The AAAD hosted the Summer Deaflympics in Washington DC; it was the first time the Games was ever sited outside of Europe. 27 nations sent a total of 687 athletes to compete in 9 different sports. 159 athletes wore the stars and stripes.


The AAAD hosted the Winter Deaflympics in Lake Placid, NY. 139 athletes from 13 nations competed for the gold in alpine skiing and cross country skiing. Speed skating and ice hockey were introduced as demo sports, and it was also the first time the Deaflympics featured figure skating, with a exhibition by deaf ice skaters from the US.


The AAAD hosted once again the Summer Deaflympics, this time on the west coast in Los Angeles, CA. 995 athletes from 29 nations participated in the Games. USA had 170 athletes competing, and earned a total of 90 medals.


The name was officially changed to the United States of America Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) to better represent the USA in international competitions.


USADSF hosted the Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City, UT. Nearly 600 athletes and officials from 23 nations participated in the Games. Curling was added as a demonstration sport. USA had 52 competitors, who earned 12 medals overall.