2005 Deaflympian Jon Kessel Describes the Impact of Supporting Our Athletes

Jon Kessel, a wrestler with team USA for the 2005 Deaflympics (Melbourne) shares his thoughts on the impact of supporting our athletes.
TRANSCRIPT: Hello, I'm Jon Kessel; I was a Deaflympian myself, in 2005, when I wrestled for the US. Looking back now, I can say it was an amazing experience. I felt like the wrestling team was like a family and I hold them dear to my heart. Today, even though I haven't been in touch with many of my former teammates, we still have that bond.
There's one thing I want to say about raising funds. It's very important to us because this allows our athletes to set aside their financial worries so they can focus on their training.
They would be able to get stronger physically, become more mentally sharp and put in the preparation it takes to bring home these gold medals to the USA!
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