USA Deaf Sports Federation NSO Representative Nomination Announcement

Hello, I am Stacy Nowak, National Sports Organization representative for USA Deaf Sports Federation.

On behalf of the USADSF Board, I want to let you know that the USADSF Board has extended the deadline for NSO Representative nominations to 7pm EST on August 29, 2022.

As approved by the USADSF Board there are 4 primary responsibilities of NSO Representatives:

The elected NSO Representatives shall serve as co-chairs of the NSO Council.

This includes, but is not limited to, organizing meetings, setting meeting agendas, leading meetings, keeping meeting minutes, discussing proposals and motions with NSOs, and liaising with the USADSF Board on NSO interests.

The elected NSO Representatives shall serve on the USADSF Board, and vote in USADSF Board meetings on behalf of the NSO Council.

The elected NSO Representatives may serve on Committees and/or Commissions in order to advise on USADSF bylaws, policies, and recommendations or to carry out administrative or commemorative tasks on behalf of the NSO Council.

The NSO Representatives shall advise on the inclusion of new and emerging National Sport Organizations into the NSO Council as well as the athlete and coach selection criteria for sports lacking an active National Sport Organization or Ad Hoc Committee.

The election is scheduled for 8pm EST on August 29, 2022. USADSF reserves the right to reschedule the election in the event insufficient nominations are received by the aforementioned deadline.

Candidates for the NSO Representative positions shall be nominated by NSOs, Ad Hoc Committees, and/or the USADSF Board. However, only the affiliated NSOs and Ad Hoc Committees may elect the NSO Representatives.

Nominations can be submitted to and/or Jeffrey Mansfield, USADSF President, at

Two (2) NSO Representatives will be elected by members of the NSO Council. Each NSO Representative will serve a two-year term, which can be renewed at the next NSO election.

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