USA Deaf Sports Federation

Benny Arthur Maucere

08 Sep 1928 - 04 Feb 2013

Bennie was one of six (6) deaf and hard of hearing siblings: Jack, Sal, Bennie, Anita, Louise and Charles of deaf parents. His deaf father Ben, who was immigrated from Palermo, Sicily, Italy. His deaf mother, Louise Felice was from New York City, NY. His sister, Louise and youngest brother, Charles are still living in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

Bennie moved from New York City and made his home in the West, Los Angeles, CA especially in Burbank, CA from 1950's - a home that he built in 1970's in beautiful Sherman Oaks, CA with a great panorama view of the Greater San Fernando Valley (SFV).

Bennie Arthur Maucere was hailed from Staten Island, NY on September 8, 1928 who had departed us as a 84-year old master contractor, skillful coach, and avid pigeon racer to a better place with his family, friends, pigeon racers and former players on Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 5:45 PM.

Bennie was one of most charismatic and colorful character in our own AAAD/USADB/FAAD cagefests since 1950's to early 90's with some years in between with his sons: Paul, John and Bruno. He was a master recruiter of talented players from all over and a skillful coach to blend all players into a championship and happy team for years in regional and national tourneys. His favorite players were Don Lyons, Jimmy "Dribble" Newsome, and John Sandoval.

His notable great FAAD players in alphabetic order were Peter Bailey, Jean Barber, James Bingham, Dan Broeck, Ron Chavez, Edward Dawson, David Dobrovech, Mark Dow, Ernie Epps, Stu Estes, Michael Fishback, A. David Freedman, Norm Green, David Hamilton, Oscar Hamilton, Duane Harwood, Craig Healy, Andy Helm, Gary Hendrix, Robert Jones, Pat Kuehn, Billy Lange, Roy Lopaty, Dale Lugo, Don Lyons, John Maucere, Paul Maucere, Gary Meyer, John Milford, Chris Miller, G. Wayne Miller, Steve Mitchell, Jerry Moore, Maurice Mosley, Steve Mutti, Mark Nagy, Jimmy "Dribble" Newsome, Bob O'Donnell, Isaac Pakula, Mel Pedersen, Rico Pedersen, Rod Pedersen, Fred Poole, Kim Porter, Brian Ramsey, Jim Revell, Jim Reineck, Gardy Rodgers, John Sandoval, Dave Sladek, Kevin Smith, Billy Spears, Ron Stern, Michael "Doc" Torres, Jaime Tucker, Joey Vincent, Ricky Ward, Daryl Wetzel, Larry Young, and many others. Many of them are now great coaches, leaders, referees, school administrators/supt., teachers or retired.

His great staff were including athletic directors, managers, scorekeepers, trainers, etc. such as Greg Brown, Mark Corson, Marvin Greenstone, Myron Greenstone, Roy Lopaty, Saul Lukacs, Alicia Lujan Newsome, Bob Skinner, Roger Skinner and others.

Bennie A. Maucere was virtually undefeated in our FAAD regional cagefest as he brought his proud FAAD Championship Teams to AAAD with VSC, RIVERSIDE, LACD and HOLLYWOOD and one NWAAD Championship Team, OAKLAND (EBCD) to 1974 AAAD hosted by LACD. He won six (6) AAAD Team Champions. He was honored with FAAD Coach of Tourney/Year 12 times as well as AAAD Coach of Tourney/Year four (4) times. He was enshrined with FAAD and AAAD Hall of Fame honors. He was our USA Men's Championship Team Coach in 1989 at Christchurch, New Zealand.

Bennie had chairmanned many past successful FAAD tournaments and was the Chairperson of one of the successful 1987 AAAD cagefest in Las Vegas, NV in the annals of AAAD History.

Bennie also gave his time to start with a new revised AAAD to DBA then to USADB back in 1993 as USADB Deputy Commissioner. Then, after 1994 AAAD/USADB in Akron, OH, he became USADB Commissioner and served until 1998 as he moved up to USADB Board President and he retired after 1999 USADB. He was honored by AAAD/USADSF as the ART KRUGER Leadership Award.

This is in memory of our real GIANT in our deaf basketball, THE ONE AND ONLY BENNIE! He is a true DEAF JOHN WOODEN.

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